• Manufacturer : HANON
• Main Product
: Radiator, Condenser, Compressor, A/C Fan, RAD-Fan

Compressor is a core product for air-conditioning system, like a role of heart for a human. This works by the power compression and rotation of refrigerant. This compresses the refrigerant of low-pressure gas and converts it to high pressure gas and sends to the condenser and performs a cooling feature by inhaling the refrigerant in the evaporator and evaporates it.

Condenser is located in the front of car engine room and cools down the gaseous refrigerants of high pressure, which is delivered from compressor through heat exchange of air, and converts it into refrigerant in liquid form. The heat exchange of the condenser is to release the heat, which is created by the evaporator inside of the car, from the air-conditioning system to outside of the vehicle.